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About Us

Being the most reputed and trusted dealer in the watch manufacturing industry, we are best known for the variety and quality of the timepieces that we manufacture. The intricate designs and the inner mechanismsare the basic principles that guide our manufacturing mantra. We design watches in the entire category that include the basic consumer models, sports watches, pilot watches, branded watches, a luxury watch, an ultra luxury watch and many more.


Brand Value and Customer satisfaction is the factor that matters to us the most and we always strive tostand by these factors and give the maximum possible justification to We do understand the various factors that a customer will consider while going in for a watch purchase. For some it might be just a timepiece, for some it is something that reflects their style statement, for some a feature that legacy and some see it as in investment. Whatever be the perception of an individual, we have a watch that satiates and in fact that delights each of them.



We are headquartered in France and our watches often become a trendsetter and also features in most of the beauty and fashion pageants. The fact that our watches are carried on by celebrities and the most popular people across the world has built an incredible brand image and has increased the demand as well. Priced at different ranges, we specialize in manufacturing some ultra luxury watches. When it comes to brand value we are the one who stands tall amongst others.


Uniqueness is another feature that draws a lot of high-end customers, rather watch enthusiast towards us. Our exclusive designer watch section features watches adorned with precious stones and no two pieces are the same. Each one is an unique master piece crafted with elegance.

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