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Tips To Buy A Quality Timepiece

Watches are one accessory that you are going to carry with pride and it is the one that is going to decide your style statement. It is not only the dress you wear that is going to speak for you; it is the other accessories that you carry that is going to speak lots and lots of stories and impressive statements about you. But wait, just don’t go by the looks of a watch coz there are certain other factors too that helps you to make a professional watch selection.

You will have to dive into the world of horology and research the art of watch making. The craftsmanship and the expertise are going to be reflected in each timepiece and the person wearing it is sure to experience the divinity.


  • Learn More About Watches:

It is true that the web has a whole cart of knowledge about watches and its mechanisms and its types, but take your time and do a personal research as well. Just try entering a watch showroom, have a talk with the executive and you will get to know the in and outs of the watch and the technology behind it.

Also get to know the pricing factor of watches and the technology that is  in expensive watch types. Comparing prices across the various websites are one major factor that one should not miss while shopping for more timepieces. After you do a thorough out and out research about the watches and their brands, finalize it with a personal touch. How much ever clarity you get through browsing the net, the personal suggestion and explanation by a watch expert is going o make your heads clear.

  • Examine the True Value of the timepiece:


The major factor that one considers before purchasing a watch is the cost attached to it. But just selecting a watch based on its price will not do well. It is more important and wise to adjudge the value of the watch and to see if the watch is really worth the cost.

One might be hesitant to invest huge money on purchasing a watch, but if the brand value that it carries and the premium look it offers proves worthy to the cost you spend, then there is nothing wrong in spending money on a watch. Just see to that if you could really afford it, that’s all.


  • Buy from a Reputed Dealer:

Be it an online purchase or an offline real time purchase always sees to that you buy from an authorized and reputed dealer all the time. This factor ahs to be given more care when doing an online purchase, since the purchase is purely based on trust factor and without examining the original piece.

As far as watches are concerned, the higher the amount you spend, the more quality and latest technologies can you expect. So instead of concentrating on the quantity and buying several watches from an unauthorized dealer, purchase one quality watch from a reputed and original dealer.


  • Understand the basics of watch pricing:

Watches are basically classified according to the price range they fall. Not everyone buys watches from all these categories. How much ever a smart and expert watch buyer you are the basic factor that stands strong while selection is the cost of the watch and it is mandatory to understand the different grades of watches that include:

    • Consumer watches under $250
    • Branded watches / Enthusiast watches under $1000
    • Luxury Watches starting from $1000 to $10,000
    • Ultra Luxury watches over $10000


  • The Satisfaction and Joy factor:

Irrespective of the technology and cost involved, a person has to gain the inner happiness and satisfaction while wearing a watch. Each time you stare at your watch, you should be satisfied and feel proud for having selected a worthy watch. If this is not attained then it means that you have terribly failed in the process of selecting a worthy timepiece.

Above all these factors the basic guiding factor that decides the choice of the watch is the personal preference and the individual perspective of owning a watch.  Each individual is unique and so are his choices, so a timepiece that has impressed one might fail even to qualify with another person, so selection is always a more personalized activity than a generalized one.

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